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Our thoughts from the edge: the Korrupt Label POV on fashion, music, culture, travel, food, politics, lifestyle, and other musings. 

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Recent Posts

  • Now What?

    Jan 03 2022

      Randomly today I needed to hear The Smiths.   ‘Needed,’ as in: like a person needs air, water, passion, and love.   The interwebs qui...

  • West Coast Meets East Coast

    Mar 14 2020

        There's no getting around it: moving is a pain in the ass. We've never met anyone who looks forward to this typically herculean t...

  • We Really Need To Talk About Us.

    Feb 06 2020

      From day one, there was a magical connection between us.    Real sparks! Ying & yang chemistry that burns hot.   For more than a...

  • New Year. New Decade! Who Dis?!

    Jan 01 2020

        With 2019 closed, and as we enter a  whole new decade, we’d like to take a minute to welcome all the new Korrupt Label “family” from ...

  • 11 Simple DIY Gifts Using Patches (Part One)

    May 05 2019

      If you’re like me, you are still recovering from spending on the gauntlet of 2018 year-end and 2019 early months’ holidays.   And, ...

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