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We Really Need To Talk About Us.

Posted on February 06 2020


From day one, there was a magical connection between us. 


Real sparks! Ying & yang chemistry that burns hot.


For more than a decade, we’ve helped each other grow so much. Who knew back then we had so much to learn? I mean, everything was so new, and we were so idealistic…we daydreamed about conquering the world together. 


And we did it -- we’ve built this amazing life. Made a comfortable home and shared victories together. It seemed almost easy to do in a space that felt so warm and grounded. We have so much rich history.


The all night chemically-enhanced dance parties, out in the clubs. Dozens of home cooked meals made with the best ingredients, using fresh produce that you grew for us. Literally hundreds of mutual friends, people we could share anything and everything with – live punk shows, movie nights at our place, cable car rides, real talk and secrets over an amazing cup of coffee.


Remember that retreat peaceful weekend up north, in a tricked out RV in the Redwoods? And the trips south for work? OMG, it was SO hot and the drive was awful. But afterwards, there was that over the top casino buffet…SO good. We’d never seen so many desserts in one place before. LOL.


Whatever was going on, we had each other, and this great big adventure of life in front of us. Almost 13 years of adventure. 


We were meant to be. We even got a cat together.


And, to be honest, a lot of our success is because of you. Your spirit. Our plans flourished in your artistic, laid-back vibe. You were gentle, inclusive, non-judgemental.


Of course, the path to get here wasn’t all roses. I mean, we’re an amazing team – but reaching this point was a lot of hard work. Sometimes we barely scraped by. There were struggles, and tears, and disappointments. But we always seemed to come out better, stronger, enriched. 


Lately though, it feels like even though have such a deep, emotional love for each other, we’re not where we’re supposed to be. Something is definitely off.


To be honest, it seems like we’ve had more off days than we should. We know each other so well…maybe you’ve also been second guessing things too?


Reminiscing about where we’ve been, who we’ve become, about where we want to go next, and if we can go there’s started to feel...uncertain. Like we’re not on the same page anymore: like we want very different things. 


It’s gotten really hard to keep up with you, and your expectations – also to maintain what others have come to expect of us as a team. That’s a perfect storm for resentments to develop.


No relationship can be perfect, that’s way too much to live up to. We've never been interested in upkeep of façades. But, it’s started to feel like that’s where we are.


Like, you know when you’ve been at Disneyland for a few days, and you realize everything is just…well, no offense, but "for show". Like a veneer that makes you a little nervous about what’s underneath.


Are we just keeping up appearances? At that point when the art & the romance seem to be gone? The spontaneity? The wonder and the idealism? It's painful to say it aloud, but all of that seems to be gone, or evaporating quickly. And it’s worrisome that our friendship feels like it could be next.


So, the truth is that we can no longer afford to stay in this relationship. The cost to us has become too high.


Sorry, this really sucks. 


It felt like we would be forever. But, anyways. What we’re trying to say is:


California, we’re breaking up with you.


Don’t worry. It’s not you. It’s us.


Well, okay, actually, it’s you, too, if we’re really being truthful.


The simple fact is: we’ve changed. And the price of staying with you is starting to really get to us.


But, trust us: this is a good thing.


There are new things we want to do, new things we need to experience. Things we just won’t be able to do with you. Some things we can’t even afford to do with you.


So we’ve made the difficult decision to go our own way...without you.


It hurts to admit, but it’s time for us to focus on new possibilities.


Being creative requires inspiration, and inspiration needs new input and landscapes to thrive. On some level, it’s that simple. 


You’ll be fine, though. You’ve got the sun in your face, the wind in your hair, and, frankly, you’ve always been the more popular and outgoing one in this relationship. Everyone seems to want to be with you. And IN you. Jeez. There’s only so much room. LOL.


You will always be an important part of who we were, and who we’ve matured into. 


We have memories that will last a lifetime. The pictures are all over social media to prove it.


Plus, we’ll always remain friends, right? Maybe we can even get together to hang out again sometime…once the sting has worn off.


So…ummmm, there’s one other thing we need to tell you: we’ve met someone new. Please don’t hate us.


Providence. No, not Provincetown! That’s in Massachusetts.




Providence, Rhode Island.


Yes, really – Rhode Island. Don’t make that face. 


Providence is pretty awesome. It’s the home of one of the most highly regarded art schools in the country (RISD, duh). Plus, Providence offers a much lower cost of living, and is driving distance to all sorts of great punk and flea markets and festivals up and down the East Coast. We’ve also got some really close friends nearby. And lots of family too.


But Providence is so much more than practical. I mean, food has always been one of our passions together – and, Providence has a pretty amazing culinary scene too. 


It’s also gritty, and direct. Not always apologizing for itself, or trying make everything so “politically correct”. The intention is noble, but sometimes it can stifle learning, creativity and free thinking. We're OK with making mistakes, misspeaking, and being educated through those experiences. And we like the idea of things being a little more…dangerous. More edgy. I mean, that punk-rock ethos is the core of who we are, after all.


We’ll also be able to, you know, afford rent…without crying every month.


California, you will forever be the flashpoint of our artistic beginnings. We’ll stay close, and we’ll visit. We have too many friends in common for anything else. The internet will help us keep in touch. We’ll always have our roots with you. We learned so much from you, and we bring that to every experience moving forward.  


So don’t think of this as an ending. Know that this is just a new chapter. 


We’ll be just a click, email, or phone call away, from anywhere in the world.


We’re proud of all that we have created together, and the way that everyone we meet takes our style and makes it their own. That’s one of the gifts that you gave us, California.


You will always be an inseparable part of who we are.




Korrupt Label

(Henry & John)


P.S. – We’re taking the cat with us. And all the vinyl. Oh! The Ninja blender, too.


**Early this spring, just in time for festival season, Korrupt Label will be based in the funky, artistic town of Providence, Rhode Island.**

 We’re moving to a new coast, for new opportunities, and new inspiration, to evolve our interpretation of slow-style, punk & rock bad-assery. 




  • Jay Tye: April 10, 2020

    Wow. What a fantastically eloquent way to say farewell! Henry. Going to miss you. Congratulations both on all you have achieved and for starting a new adventure! Thank you for all your generosity and kindness through the years. The East Coast is gaining a great asset! Stay safe, moderately sane and keep in touch!

  • Gavin Byrne: March 06, 2020

    What a brilliant piece, nicely done!

    Sucks you’re leaving mind, but the internet is a great invention, so I’m very sure I’ll be a new postal customer instead! =)
  • Glenn Casey: March 04, 2020

    Your words no matter how eloquently posted hurt to read. Not just the facts of California expense but losing a creative spirit because of it. You both will be missed! Wishing you all the very best. Damn now I have to call the movers.

  • Bill Yager: February 10, 2020

    Looking forward to seeing you guys on the East Coast! Here’s to new beginnings!!

  • Bubba Punx: February 08, 2020

    WHAT?!?? This is GREAT!

    I’ve been a customer and a fan of KorruptLabel for years — and now you’ll be closer to me on the east coast (PA)!

    Do you have any plans to come to and punk swaps in the Philly area?

  • Larz Hiltebeitel: February 07, 2020

    oh so sad to hear you’re leaving, but you arent the first and certainly wont be the last..good luck to you on your move and settling in…I know Bekka and Jean will be close by to you.. my brother lives in Mansfield Mass which is also super close, hopefully I can hit up one of these markets when I come east.. ! and of course online! love to you

  • Ruby Rieke: February 07, 2020

    Oh man I’ll miss seeing you at all my favourite places Henry! It sounds like a wonderful new adventure though and I wish you both lots of luck. Who knows maybe one day we will pop by for a visit.

  • Armando Sandoval: February 07, 2020

    Good luck guys! Hilarious letter. Always a fan.

  • Kim Fujimori: February 07, 2020


    I will miss seeing you at the festivals I was always
    so happy to see you at the show. I know we never hung out but I consider you a friend and hope to stay in touch because I love your stuff
    wishing you and John much love and happiness as your start your next chapter in beautiful Providence Rhode Island !! Hugs Kim

  • Bill Hughes: February 06, 2020

    Oh wow, I am extremely happy and sad at the same time.
    May you find new inspirations and have amazing new adventures.
    May your lives be filled with abundance.
    Peace Upon Peace,
    Fare Thee Well.
    It’s an honor to know you.

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