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New Year. New Decade! Who Dis?!

Posted on January 01 2020



With 2019 closed, and as we enter a  whole new decade, we’d like to take a minute to welcome all the new Korrupt Label “family” from this past year -- plus, reflect on our roots, and what we've gained and learned along the way.


Our customers, our wholesale, supplier, media, logistics & marketing partners, our festival, fair & event organizers, colleagues, fellow makers & artists and all the events’ staff & attendees, our growing ranks of social media followers, are among our literal thousands of teammates.


And there are all our other amazing co-creators, such as the small army of talented photographers, makeup artists, coifferists, models, stylists, & crew who worked on our ambitious October 2019 photoshoots.


All of these people are our tribe, our community of generous, talented, and dedicated allies, our village of consiglieres and consorts with whom we are blessed to concoct, join forces, and to simply know as good humans.


The newest members of our (mostly) gentle, kind, non-flesh eating horde are in exceptional company among our more tenured conspirators, many of whom have been there since our earliest days, in March of 2007.


And those who signed on prior to 2019 are in exceptional company amidst our 2019 converts. Of course, at whatever point we initially connected, we’ve come to realize we’re surrounded by extraordinary folks.


Thank you ALL so much for supporting our little brand. Each and every one of you are a part of our success. Karmic shareholders.


Whether you just got here, or if you’ve been around a while, if you haven't yet we encourage you to read about our small business adventure. Hard to believe it’s been nearly 13 years — our “company’s birthday” is in March, just around the bend.


You can check out some of the highlights of our story, here on our website.


Korrupt Label has grown from its humble beginnings selling patches out of a suitcase, due in large part to all of you. It is a perpetual debt that we proudly bear, open-mindedly repay to you, as well as pay forward to others.


We believe conscious efforts to stay humble help to keep us fortunate, thankful, happy in our daily tasks, and mindful of our most important motivations for our work.


Korrupt Label’s main ambitions are simple: to make quality apparel and other products that last, to shepherd bold, uncommon creative and provocative style from concept to reveal, to take risks and have fun along the way, and to accept, own, and learn from our outcomes.


But, most importantly, we strive to give our customers -- and our copious partners as described above -- a positive, reciprocal experience. To treat them as we would family and friends.


So again, thank you for your partiality towards Korrupt Label! That attraction is beyond mutual, so please be in touch! And let’s take time to sit and visit when we’re able, both in the coming year, and beyond.



With gratitude and awe,

John & Henry



P.S. — We’ve included a small selection of images throughout the years, and will continue to add to these over the next few weeks. We hope you enjoy -- and you may see yourself!



If you have photos of yourself or others wearing the brand, and/or of our collaborations behind the scenes or on the front lines, please share with us! We love to discover and feature points of view for a broad audience to see here on our website, in social media, marketing, press and more, thus we can be party to the impact of our collective endeavors. 








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