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11 Simple DIY Gifts Using Patches (Part One)

Posted on May 05 2019


If you’re like me, you are still recovering from spending on the gauntlet of 2018 year-end and 2019 early months’ holidays.


And, with tax returns filed, things are likely even more financially grim.


But the birthdays, anniversaries, and other get-togethers that prompt presents keep coming. They keep coming all year long.


Soooooo…DIY gifts can be much cheaper, and receiving a thoughtful, useful, handmade gift is the coolest…right?


The trouble is that “DIY” (do it yourself) – i.e., actually making a DIY creation is really scary shit for some of us.


The prospect of our DIY handiwork turning out totally lame, the anticipation that the process could be rife with frustration, or that the endeavor may cost you more money than just buying something … those are all not the coolest.


But…”it’s the thought that counts”, as the saying goes.


Well, I call bullshit on that idea.


It’s your process that counts. And the opportunity to try something new. Perhaps to “fail”, but also learn.


Most of all: what counts is the act of disrupting the brainless, destructive, planet-and-people-killing cycle of “consume and die”.


Giving and receiving mass-produced, impersonal widgets is way uncool. However, taking something plain, and inexpensive -- using your hands and unique POV to infuse it with style – THAT is a bomb-ass act of resistance.


It’s also a testament to your genuine affection for the person to whom you’re gifting your DIY creation. More than the giving an object, you are giving of yourself.


The giver is rewarded with the satisfaction of hand-crafting an authentic offering of affection and appreciation, and the receiver gets a one-of-a-kind, personalized present, PLUS the warm, fuzzy confirmation that they’re truly special.


In other words: stop being such a pussified tool.


Even if you become vexed while fabricating -- despite spending a little more time or money than you expected, regardless of “imperfections” in the end result – something you put part of yourself into will always be cooler than a non-descript wallet from Target.


(Speaking of wallets from Target -- one of the many ways you can use patches is to enhance store-bought gifts that would otherwise be boring, impersonal, or even weird.)


The items you’re embellishing will be less expensive than something with more advertised “edge,” and by using thrifted items or upcycling, you can save a LOT (I’m talking money, planet, awful labor practices…). Plus the end result will be a thoroughly unique present.


So with that in mind, here are the first four of “11 Simple DIY Gifts Using Patches”. Take a look our step-by-step videos, and don’t hesitate to drop a comment or question below!


Happy making!


Mung61 for

The Renegade Blog


  • PunkGrrrl: May 25, 2019

    Do you sell the journal shown in the video? I love that spider patch! Could it be made with Misfits patch also?

  • Bad Ass Mother Fucker: May 25, 2019

    These look so cool and easy! When will you be posting the other DIY videos?

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