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NEW Korrupt Label

Korrupt Label Framed Patches



Professionally hand-crafted ornamental framed displays, our patches can make great decor for your home! Double matted and mounted on foamcore to accentuate the texture and edges of each patch, the effect is similar to a shallow shadow box. 


Each frame measures about 12" x 15 1/2", and is fitted with a mounting clip on the back.


Choose from one of six, take two or three at a lower price per frame, or grab the whole set for a steal. 


If you choose to buy a set, please note which designs you would like in the notes section of your shopping cart:


  • Tophat Skull
  • Socialism
  • Devonshire
  • City of the Dead
  • Strychnia
  • Poison Cobra


Each framed piece is one of a kind, and there is only ONE of each design. 




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