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Custom Consultation (Our 2 Cents)


Not sure how to do it yourself? Not into "DIY"?

Welcome to the Korrupt Label Custom Studio!


You can collaborate with the Korrupt Label Custom Studio, working directly with the artist to imagine and spec custom garments -- while leaving the technical aspects of tailoring, sewing, screen printing and stylizing to us.


Take a look at the wide variety of custom work we've done with our clients. Check out our video lookbook for even more.


Come visit us in the studio for a sit-down, or let's connect via phone for a FREE creative consultation on your favorite jeans, jacket, knapsack and many other garments. 


Your own favorite clothing can made to be one of a kind. Screen printing, tea dying, and distressing such as scorching, bleaching, studding and/or Dremel work bring your unique style to each piece.


Additionally, our patches (all original Korrupt Label designs) can be sewn onto a wide variety of items, from jackets and jeans to messenger bags and onesies -- increasing their depth, and making them personalized, wearable works of art.


If you can DIY -- or, if you want to learn, patches can be purchased separately, for your solo creative exploration. They can be used to make repairs, or even help prolong the life of your favorite pieces of clothing. Patches are an easy, inexpensive way to express your unique individuality, and a gratifying way to breathe new life and true artisan style into your wardrobe. 


We are available to be as hands on, or as hands off as you like throughout the customizing process. The possibilities are as endless as the garments in your closet, and our collective imaginations.


Ready for an in-person or phone creative consultation? Add this FREE item to your cart with your contact info, or reach out to us using the info below. We'd love to hear from you! 


phone: 510/365-7105 (new number!)


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