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Re:Tee | Salvage and Resize Your Favorites



Your favorite tees, salvaged and resizedFor a limited time only, we will transform your small into a medium. Turn your large into an XL.*


And, we'll Re:Tee ANY of your tees -- NOT just Korrupt Label tees you already own.

Here's how it works: you ship us your favorite too snug (or
too loose) tee -- any tee you want to salvage and/or resize. Then, we'll cut out the design, supply a NEW tee in the updated size you specify, and sew the your salvaged design onto it!**

Presto! Same cool tee design, new comfy fit, starting at only



Take a closer look at all the Re:Tee options!








*Offer valid for tees as described only: for a la carte variations not offered here, or for other custom work, please contact our Custom Studio directly at Existing tee should preferably cotton, or a poly-cotton blend. For specific questions, drop us an email, or send us a photo of your tee (and its tag).
**Tee sizes available from S (small) to 3XL, in white, black, and other limited colors as described on this product page. Ship to address is also indicated on product page. Shipping must be via trackable method.

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